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about us


Travelling is our passion.

We love our job and feel satisfied when our clients trust us and appreciate the unforgettable memories they take with them after each trip.

The agency receives its name from a legendary bird of the ancient Persia: Simorgh. 

This wise and prudent bird is connoisseur of the most ancient secrets of the world. Rostam, one of the most popular and beloved heroes in present-day Iran, 

is helped by Simorgh to be born and win great battles.

VIAJES SIMORGH is founded with the desire of fulfilling your travel expectations through a professional, close and trust-worthy management. 

All of it is inspired by the honesty, kindness and wisdom of this magnificent bird.

We love to make our clients dream so that they get an unforgettable experience out of this adventure. 

We accompany you along each journey you propose so that the travelling magic gets to your heart. 

We are delighted to advice you, give you total support and organize your trips anywhere you wish to go, being our speciality Iran and Spain.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on our website; we will be pleased to help you.   




Luis Herruzo - Madrid ‚Äď Manager.

Lawyer. Travel expert. Organisation and personnel management.



Travelling is my passion and I love to see not only what everyone else sees, but also what they don’t; to sense the magic in each place and feel close to its people. To me, a trip is a unique experience in which I grow as a person and get to connect with the inhabitants to know its culture better. Thus, I understand better other ways of living and thinking.

‚ÄúA good trip is the one that remains alive in your mind for many years‚ÄĚ


All my hope and effort is focused on our clients getting to have these feelings and sensations.




Isabel Abad - Madrid ‚Äď CEO Spain

Journalist. Travel and gastronomy expert.



“To me, travelling means freedom and there is nothing more valuable. In every travel, trip or getaway I enjoy new sensations that join me in the everyday life when I’m back home again. I want to transmit and share this unique emotion with all those who come with us around the world.

‚ÄúLive happily, feel free to dream and make your dreams come true. All you image will become real‚ÄĚ.



Maryam Ghafouri ‚Äď Tehran- CEO Iran

PhD in Hispanic Philology


In Farsi there is a saying: your age freezes during those days you spend travelling, so I love travelling, organizing trips and building unforgettable memories because after each trip I get a life lesson. As a famous poet from Shiraz Saedi (Sa’di) says: the immature man has to travel a lot to perfect himself (mature).


Casilda Herruzo- Madrid- Business manager



“Disconnect from the present to connect with a future of discovery, marvellous places and new cultures. To me, preparing a trip is creating a dream we can make come true and enjoy the five senses.

‚ÄúDuring my trips I like discovering new corners, soak up the place, and when it comes to an end, feel a great citizen of the world‚ÄĚ


Raquel Cubero - ¬†Madrid. ‚Äď Translation and interpreting services. Social media.

Translation and Interpreting Degree in Spanish, English and French.           



Airports are my second home and the start of a new adventure. Languages are my luggage. I love languages because they are a reflection of the culture and allow me to connect with people. I live from the inside every experience.


‚ÄúEnrich your inner world while travelling, share cultures and communicate; that‚Äôs the key to the world we all dream of‚ÄĚ




Please don't doubt in contact us. We will be happy to inform you.

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