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9 días - 8 noches

We will make 8-days trip (ninth day to come back by plane) and enjoy a balanced journey among nature, sea and monumental cities. Barcelona, Zaragoza and the main cities of Catalonia and the Pyrenees are waiting for us, to tell the history of the first colonizers: the Roman Empire and the Ancient Muslim and Christian kingdoms.
We will get to know the Mudejar art created by the Muslims who remained in the Christian kingdoms. This art recalls eastern constructions. Pyrenees is the most spectacular mountain range in Spain. We will go through it and feel the scents and magnificent views it offers.
Costa Brava is famous for its beautiful beaches and cliffs. The proposed route combines nature with history and art in a balanced way.
On our trip we will visit 6 monumental and two natural sites declared World Heritage.
Please, don’t limit yourself to this offer. If you wish to ask for any further conditions or preferences during your trip, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

Información completa


Day 1. Barcelona. Day 2. Zaragoza. Day 3. Pamplona. Day 4. Huesca. Day 5. Lérida-Tarragona. Day 6. Gerona. Day 7. Barcelona. Day 8. Barcelona. Day 9. Return from Barcelona.

Selection of OPTIONAL activities that you can do in your free time for a better use of your free time in Barcelona: Transport Card of the City of Barcelona Zoo Barcelona Aquarium Barcelona Camp Nou of Barcelona shows ... Dinner and Flamenco Party Flamenco at the Palau and at night... Barcelona at Night Ice Bar Barcelona Casino Barcelona The Ghosts of Barcelona

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Included services
- Transfer and pick up airport-hotel-airport
- 4/5 stars hotels or similar in double room.
- All breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
-All internal trips and tickets for scheduled visits and if necessary, any other type of services from Viajes Simorgh, with a Spanish or English speaking guide included.
- Travel insurance and documentation.

No Incluye:

Not included services:
- In general, any service not included in "Included Services"
- Entry visa to Spain (unless previously agreed).
- If you make your trip from Iran, we can arrange it for you without additional expenses if you request it with a minimum period of one month, before the trip, and provide us with the required documentation

Extended itinerary
Day 1
After arriving to Barcelona and depending on the time of arrival, we will have some time to rest at the hotel or walk around the city. In the afternoon we’ll enjoy a route through the city and we’ll go up by cable car to Tibidabo, a magnificent observatory that rises 500 metres where the Amusement Park is located. On our way back, we’ll be able to walk around the city and taste the food in a local restaurant .
Day 2.
We will go to Zaragoza (the Roman "Caesar Augusta”) and visit the Seo and the Basilica del Pilar temples as well as the Aljaferia Palace, of Muslim origin. In our walk through the city, we will cross the Roman bridge over the Ebro river and walk through the centre. During the walk we will discover vestiges of the Roman ruins of the city and enjoy the view of beautiful buildings and places to do some shopping.
Day 3.
We will head towards Pamplona following the Ebro valley. We will stop at the beautiful city of Tarazona, with its cathedral and Jewish quarter to walk around. On the way we will see Mudejar towers standing out over the villages and the imposing silhouette of Moncayo, a peak that rises alone, of more than 2,300 meters high.
Another stop before arriving to Pamplona will be the Royal Palace of Olite, one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Europe.
Once we arrive to Pamplona, after lunch, we will walk through the monumental area and the walls, visiting its cathedral.
Day 4.
We will go through Pyrenees, heading to the beautiful city of Jaca. There we will see the citadel, the museum of military miniatures and stroll along its streets. When we continue our way to Huesca we will visit the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, a legendary building located inside a wide rocky cavity. Mallos of Riglos will be out next short stop, and we will go up to the Castillo de Loharre. Our lunch will take place at a roadside restaurant.
In Huesca, we will visit the Cathedral and the Monastery of San Pedro el Viejo and we will take a walk through the city.
Day 5.
We will start our way to Tarragona, and we will enjoy the sight of impressive sickles in the mountain, we will stop in Lerida to walk and visit the Gardeny Palace. We will continue to Tarragona and along the way we will stop to visit the Monastery of Poblet, a World Heritage Site. In Tarragona we will visit the Cathedral and its beautiful Cloister and the Roman ruins, while we enjoy a tour of the city and its promenade.
Day 6.
We will head to the Valley of Nuria, along the way we will visit Ripoll and its beautiful Monastery. We will go up to the ski station and Sanctuary of Nuria in the rack train. While having lunch there, we will enjoy the spectacular scenery. On the way back, on our way through Olot, if we wish, we can ride a hot-air balloon. Once in Gerona, we will visit the Basilica of San Feliu and stroll through its beautiful Jewish quarter.
Day 7.
We will enjoy a walk along the Costa Brava, visiting on the way the city of Figueres and its Museum dedicated to the great contemporary painter Dalí, the city of Rosas, of Greek origin,
and the ruins of Ampurias. On the road that runs along the coast we will arrive to Barcelona, where we will eat and take the funicular to climb Montjuic and visit the Castle located in it.
Day 8.
We will start off by visiting the Cathedral of Sagrada Familia and Park Güel. Then, we will enjoy our lunch, have free time to walk around and go shopping.
Day 9.
We will take you to the airport and wish you a happy way back.
4/5 star hotels in double room.

- The trip is designed for minimum groups of 4 people; those of 8 or more will have a discount of 100 Euros per person. For smaller groups, consult conditions and budgets without commitment.
- Transportation will be made, depending on the number of travelers, in tourism, microbus, minibus or bus.
- The reservation period ends 15 days before the start of the trip. If you are not on time, let us know and we will see the possibilities of availability.
- It is a trip in which almost everything necessary for the trip and stay in the country is included. You, practically, should only worry about your purchases.
-  If the group has different preferences or needs a modification of the trip, we recommend you to contact us and we’ll advise you and adapt ourselves to your preferences and time availability.
We’ll be happy to customize your trip!
- For accommodation in a single room: € 240

· Exclusive responsibility of VIAJES SIMORGH:
All money obtained from the client will be refunded by Viajes Simorgh or we will offer you the possibility of a deferment. In addition, to compensate any inconvenience caused to the client, you will receive a Simorgh Red Feather that will allow you to get a discount on your next trip.
If any scheduled activity cannot be carried out, by the sole responsibility of Viajes Simorgh or its provider, the client will receive an equivalent compensation free of charge and, if this is not possible, the official amount will be refunded.

· On request by the client:
Made 60 days or more in advance of the date of travel: Viajes Simorgh will refund the integrity of the money received, the client must assume, if any, the costs of refund and transfer.
.- Made between 30 and 59 (both inclusive) days in advance of the date of travel: Viajes Simorgh will refund 95% of the money received, with 5% as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc.
- Made between 15 and 29 (both inclusive) days in advance of the date of travel: Viajes Simorgh will return 90% of the money received, with 10% as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, and other non-refundable affected services.
Made between 7 and 14 (both inclusive) days before the date of travel: Viajes Simorgh will return 75% of the money received, with 25% retained as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, tickets and other non-refundable affected services.
Made between 3 and 6 (both inclusive) days before the date of travel: Viajes Simorgh will return 50% of the money received, with 50% as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, tickets and other non-refundable affected services.
Made less than 3 days before the date of travel: Viajes Simorgh will return 25% of the money received, with 75% retained as compensation for expenses due to arrangements, reservations, tickets and other non-refundable affected services.
-The date of cancellation is considered as the one in which the client communicates by reliable means his intention to the Travel Agency and the Travel Agency receives it. For this reason, customers are asked to insist if after a period of more than 12 hours they have not received the acknowledgment of receipt by Viajes Simorgh.

- All of our clients will receive a Simorgh Red Feather as a discount, equivalent to 3% of the amount paid for this trip, for their next trip or contract with us. Also for family member or friend (prior authorisation by Viajes Simorgh), under same conditions.

 - All our customers who purchase their trip by plane, train or bus through Viajes Simorgh, will receive a Simorgh Yellow Feather will serve as a discount, equivalent to 2% of the amount of their next trip (flight, train or bus) ) contracted with us, or  the trip of a family member or friend (in these cases after consultation and authorization of Viajes Simorgh), under the same conditions.
- Customers who make their Reservation and pay the same in advance, will additionally receive:
. A Simorgh Yellow Feather, if they do it 60 or more days in advance.
. A Simorgh Green Feather, if they do it 30 or more days in advance.

                                                                      ---------- :::::::::: ----------
MONEY EXCHANGE: If you wish, Viajes Simorgh can exchange your money at market cost, committing to exchange the remainder amount at the same exchange rate when the trip finishes.

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