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8 días - 7 noches

We will have a 8 days and 7 nights trip, following the Alboz mountains, in parallel direction to the Caspian Sea, towards the west to converge in the Iranian Armenia, the richest area in vegetation of the country. On this trip you will also have the opportunity to visit several World Heritage sites.
The central nucleus of the visit will be Tabriz, one of the most important cities of Iran, where Islam and Christianity have coexisted for many centuries, as evidenced by the existence of monumental churches and mosques.

You will enjoy visiting the one that can be considered the main Bazaar of the country (World Heritage) and beautiful surrounding cities full of history.

Información completa


Day 1. Arrival to Tehran.  Day 2. Tehran.  Day 3. Zanjan.  Day 4. Zanjan-Serein-Ardebil.  Day 5. Ardebil- Tabriz.  Day 6. Tabriz.  Day 7. Tabriz- Jolfa- Maku- Tabriz.  Day 8. Depart from Tehran


Servicios incluidos: - Traslado y recogida en el aeropuerto internacional. - Todos los viajes internos y boletos para visitas programadas y (en autobús turístico o automóvil privado, dependiendo del número de personas del grupo) con guía en español o inglés incluido. - Vehículos con aire acondicionado. - Conductor a su disposición. - Ayudar para el logro de la visa. - Agua mineral, té, café y eventualmente frutas de temporada o locales de refrigerios locales en el autobús durante el viaje. - Consejos para hoteles y restaurantes. - Gifs para eventuales aniversarios y cumpleaños. - La mosca doméstica.


No Incluye:

Services not included:
- In general, any service not included in "Included services"
- Personnel expenses.

- Tips for guide and driver.
- Visa taxes.

Extended itinerary
Day 1.
Arrival to Tehran, transferring to hotel and relaxing time.
Day 2.
Enjoy a full-day a city tour in Tehran. Visiting the Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage) and the grand Bazaar, Carpet Museum and also the Jewelry Museum. At the end of the day, we will visit Milad Tower.
Staying Overnight in Tehran
(Note: This day corresponds to the first Sunday of the trip)
Day 3.
We will go to Zanjan. We will visit Soltaniyeh Dome (World Heritage Site) in Zanjan. After, we will visit Chalab Oghli Khangah, an ancient Sufi center from the 14th century and we can visit the Kataleh Khour cave.
Accommodation in Zanjan.

Day 4.
Departure to Ardebil via Sarein, a small town in Ardabil Province Sarein, where we are going to relax using its hot springs and mineral waters.
On the way to Ardebi we will visit the Shourabil Lake.
Staying Overnight in Ardebil.
Day 5.
In the morning  we will visit the Sheikh Safi Mausoleum ( UNESCO world heritage site).
We will have a ride to Tabriz and visit the Blue Mosque and Azerbaijan Museum, the last site to visit is the Grand Bazaar (world heritage site) .
Overnight in Tabriz.
Day 6.
Tabriz is one of the most important cities in Iran. We will visit the Blue Mosque and Azarbaidjan Museum. In the afternoon, visit of Tabriz Bazaar, the longest bazaar in Iran with its labyrinth.
Day 7.
Departure from Tabriz to Marand, Visit of Masjed Jame ( Friday mosque) of Marand, after we will continue to Jolfa. We wil visit to Saint Etienne (Kelissa Darre Sham) and Saint Thaddee’s church, (Kara Klissa a Maku)
Return to Tabriz.
(NOTE: We inform our clients that there are international flights from Tabriz, in case you prefer to organize your return trip from this city, without having to return to Tehran)
Day 8.
On the last day, you will have a transfer to International airport and end an excellent trip to Iran.
Accommodation includes 7 nights lodging in 4 star hotels, in a shared double room. Including 8 breakfasts and 1 dinner.
- 2 nights in Tehran.
- 1 night in Zanajan.
- 1 night in Sarein-Ardabil.
- 3 nights in Tabriz.

- Route is designed for groups  composed by minimum of 4 people and maximum of 20 people.
- Reservation period ends 30 days before the trip starting. If you are not on time, let us know and we will see the possibilities of availability.
- Forecast of the start of the itinerary is the day planned calendar:
7 April/21 July/ 04Agost / 24 September
- Itinerary ends on the 8th of the calendar with the transfer to Iman Khomeini Airport, in the case you do not take your fly in Tabriz.

- If the group has different preferences or needs a modification of the trip, we recommend you to contact us and we’ll advise you and adapt ourselves to your preferences and time availability. We’ll be happy to customize your trip!
- For accommodation in a single room: € 105
- Exclusive responsibility of the Agency:
  .  Agency will return to the client all the money received from it (including the penalty for the international flight purchased by the client, duly justified).
  . If any scheduled activity cannot be carried out, due to the exclusive responsibility of the Agency or the supplier of the same, the client will receive a free equivalent compensation of charge and, if this is not possible, its official amount will be returned.
- On request of the client:
  . Performed 30 days or more in advance of the date of the trip, the Agency will return the integrity of the money received, the client must assume, if any, the bank charges for reservation, reimbursement and transfer.
  . Made between 30 and 25 (b.i) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will retain 15% (of the total amount of the trip) as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc. and will return the rest of the money received.
  . Made between 24 and 20 (b.i) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will retain 25% (of the total amount of the trip) as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc. and will return the rest of the money received.
  . Made between 19 and 10 (b.i) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will retain 50% (of the total amount of the trip) as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc. and will return the rest of the money received.
  . Made between 9 and 5 (b.i) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will retain 75% (of the total amount of the trip) as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc. and will return the rest of the money received.
  . Made less than 5 days (120 hours) in advance of the start date of the trip (00:00 hours of day 1, Iran time): No amount will be refunded, the Agency will retain 100% (of the total amount) ) as compensation for expenses due to negotiations, reservations, tickets and other non-reimbursable services already committed.

- All of our clients will receive a Simorgh Yellow Feather as a discount, equivalent to 2% of the amount paid for this trip, for their next trip or contract with us. Also for family member or friend (prior authorisation by Viajes Simorgh), under same conditions.

 - All our customers who purchase their trip by plane, train or bus through Viajes Simorgh, will receive a Simorgh Yellow Feather will serve as a discount, equivalent to 2% of the amount of their next trip (flight, train or bus) ) contracted with us, or  the trip of a family member or friend (in these cases after consultation and authorization of Viajes Simorgh), under the same conditions.
- Customers who make their Reservation and pay the same in advance, will additionally receive:
. A Simorgh Yellow Feather, if they do it 60 or more days in advance.
. A Simorgh Green Feather, if they do it 30 or more days in advance.

                                                                      ---------- :::::::::: ----------
MONEY EXCHANGE: If you wish, Viajes Simorgh can exchange your money at market cost, committing to exchange the remainder amount at the same exchange rate when the trip finishes.

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