9 días - 8 noches

On this trip we will accompany you through the most important places of one of the oldest civilizations in the history of the world.

We will visit the four essential cities, indispensable in any visit to Iran, all of them with monuments or places declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

From Tehran city, current capital of the country and last Persian dynasties, to the extraordinarily beautiful Isfahan, "half of the world", the historic city of Shiraz, the "city of poets" epicenter of the Achaemenid Empire and capital of the Buya dynasty and Yazd, the city bordering the desert and the obligatory resting place of the caravans that made the Silk Road through this area. 

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Day 1. Arriving to Tehran.  Day 2. Tehran - Shiraz. Day 3. Shiraz.  Day 4. Shiraz - Yadz.  Day 5. Yazd - Isfahan.  Day 6. Isfahan.  Day 7. Isfahan - Matin Abaad Camp.  Day 8. Matin Abaad Camp -  Tehran airport/hotel.  Day 9. Return from Tehran.


Included services: 

· A professional certified English Tour Guide accompanying the group for the whole trip
· Meeting at the Airport and translation to hotel.
· Transfers & Sightseeing by AC vehicle as per the itinerary
· Domestic flight from Tehran to Shiraz
. Tips in the restaurant
· All Entrance Fees as per the itinerary
¬∑ Mineral water on  route
· Visa Support (Visa Fee is not included)

No Incluye:

Not included Services:

¬∑ In general, any service not included in "Services included"
· International Airfares
· Laundry and telecommunication services.
. Pick up at hotel and transfer to airport (it will be by hotel suttle).
· All personal expenses, room service & special orders, tips, etc.
· Any extra excursions or sightseeing apart from the above specified itinerary
· Visa fees

Extended Itinerary

Day 1.
Arriving to Tehran, transfer to hotel for resting.

Day 2.
In the morning we will visit the Museums: Archaeological, (with objects older than 6,000 years) National Jewels, located in the underground part of the Central Bank and inside a huge safe where, among other things, jewels used by the family members of the last Shah are displayed. We will also visit the Glass and Ceramic Museum, where the history of Iran's glass and ceramics is displayed and studied, located in a beautiful two-story house with a small garden.
After we will visit the Golestan Palace, declared a World Heritage Site.
In the afternoon we will take the flight to Shiraz, where we will overnight.

Day 3.
In the morning we will visit: the Garden of Narenjestan or Eram, the Tombs of Hafez or Saadi, the Mosque of Nasir ol Molk, the Mosque and the Vakil Bazaar and the Qor√°n Gate. In the evening we will visit the Chah Cheragh Shrine (Ali ebn e Hamzeh), as far as we are allowed.

Day 4.
We will visit the capital of the Achaemenid Empire, Persepolis, founded by Darius I in 518 BC, which was built on an immense terrace, natural and artificial at the same time, in which the King of Kings erected a splendid palatial ensemble of colossal proportions inspired in Mesopotamian models. This archaeological site is unique in its kind because of the quantity and quality of the monumental vestiges it has.

On our way to the city of Yazd, we will visit Naq-e Rustan and Pasargada, founded in the 6th century a.C. by Cyrus II the Great in the region of Pars, the cradle of the Persian Empire, was the first capital of the Achaemenid dynasty and the capital of the first great multicultural empire in Western Asia, extending from Egypt and the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean to those of the Indus River. Its palaces and gardens, as well as Ciro's mausoleum, are not only an exceptional example of the first phase of Achaemenid art and architecture, but also an exemplary testimony of Persian civilization. Declared a World Heritage Site, in this 160-hectare placement, in addition to the mausoleum of Cyrus II and other archaeological remains, includes the fortified terrace called Tall-e Takht and the palatial architectural ensemble of which remains the entrance porch, the Audience room, royal apartments and gardens.

Accommodation upon arrival in Yazd.

Day 5.
We will visit the old city that preserves an impressive mud architecture. We will visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and the Jame Mosque (Friday) with its majestic portico of entrance, the tallest and slender in Iran with two extraordinary minarets, the Bazaar and the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence. With the visit to the important complex of Mir Chakh Magh, we will finish our walk through Yadz.

In the afternoon we will go to Isfahan, visiting en route the Jame Mosque or Pir Nia's house in Naeen.
We will stay in Isfahan.

Day 6.
We begin our visit to the city with the famous and splendid Naghshe Jahan square (now of the Imam), declared a World Heritage Site, which includes the Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah mosques, the Ali Qapou palace and the Qeyssariyeh gate. We will also visit the palace of Chehel Sotun. All these monuments are an important testimony of the social and cultural life in the safavid Persia.

In the afternoon we will walk through the old bridges that cross the Zayande River.
We will stay in the city, where we can enjoy a unique night walk.

Day 7.
We will visit the basilica of Vank and the museum of the old Armenian quarter of Jolfa.

After lunch we will leave Isfahan towards the Matin Abad camp. On the route we will visit the village of Nantaz and the Jame Mosque.
In the countryside we will enjoy the nocturnal observation of the stars in a normally very bright sky and we will do a camel ride.
We will stay there (http://www.matinabad.com)

Day 8.
In the morning we will leave towards Tehran, on the route we will stop in Abyaneh, a reddish color pretty village.
We will continue towards Kashan where we will visit the Garden of Fin and the house of Broujerdi.
We will continue to Tehran to stay at the Novotel hotel, next to the airport. Where we will finish our services.

Day 9.
Transfer to the airport, using the vehicle (shutle) of the hotel to take the plane.

Lodging included 7 nights in 4* starts hotels and a night in Mateen Abad Camp (in equipped tent or room, to choose), in a double room, breakfast included.

- 2 nights in Tehran: Hotel 4*. Enghelab, Ferdowsi, Kowsar o Asareh.
- 2 nights in Shiraz: Hotel 4*. Ario Barzan, Elizeh or Parseh.
- 1 night in Yazd: Hotel 4*. Moshir, Dad, Mehr or Arg.
- 2 nights in Isfahan: Hotel 4*. Piroozi or Aseman.
- 1 night in Mateen Abad Camp.
NOTE: If for any extraordinary circumstance it was impossible to stay in any of the hotels indicated, the accommodation would be made in another of the same level and quality.


- The trip is designed for minimum groups of 2 people.
- The internal transport will be carried out in vehicles of proportional capacity to the number of travelers going: tourism (2 people) van (3-5 people, minibus (6-9 people) and microbus (10-14 people)
- The forecast for the start of the Itinerary is on day 2 of the planned calendar.
- If you are not part of a previously organized group, contact us and we will inform you.
- The order of the visits of this trip may be altered, but always respecting the content of the program in its entirety.
- If the group has a different preference or for any other circumstance you need a modification of the trip or some additional service, we recommend you contact us and we will advise you and adapt to your preferences and time availability. We will be happy to customize your trip!.


- ‚ā¨ 659 per person.
Supplement for single room: ‚ā¨190 

- Exclusive responsibility of the Agency:

All money obtained from the client will be refunded by Agency or we will offered you the possibility of a deferment. In addition, to compensate any inconvenience caused to the client, you will receive a Simorgh Red Feather that will allow you to get a discount on your next trip.
If any scheduled activity cannot be carried out, by the sole responsibility of the Agency or its provider, the client will receive an equivalent compensation free of charge and, if this is not possible, the official amount will be refunded.
If due to circumstances beyond the Agency, policies, security, disasters, etc. The trip cannot be made, the client will be immediately contacted to offer him an alternative of the same quality, if possible, or the full refund of the made payment. Without  being any other type of compensation.
 On request by the client:
. Made 46 or more days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will retain 20% (of the total price) as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc. and will return the rest of the money received.
.- Made between 45 and 16 (both inclusive) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will refund 25% of the money received (for the total price of the travel), as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc.
- Made between 15 and 12 (both inclusive) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will return 30% of the money received (for the total price of the travel), as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc.

- Made between 11 and 7 (both inclusive) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will return 45% of the money received (for the total price of the travel), as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc.

- Made between 6 and 3 (both inclusive) days in advance of the date of travel: the Agency will return 55% of the money received (for the total price of the travel), as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, etc.

- Made less than 3 days before the date of travel: No amount will be refunded, the Agency will retain 100% (of the total amount) as compensation for expenses due to management, reservations, tickets and other non-reimbursable services already committed.
-The date of cancellation is considered as the one in which the client communicates by reliable means his intention to the Travel Agency and the Travel Agency receives it. For this reason, customers are asked to insist if after a period of more than 12 hours they have not received the acknowledgment of receipt by Viajes Simorgh.

- All of our clients will receive a SimorghYellow Feather as a discount, equivalent to 2% of the amount paid for this trip, for their next trip or contract with us. Also for a family member or friend (prior authorisation by Viajes Simorgh), under same conditions.

 - All our customers who purchase their trip by plane, train or bus through Viajes Simorgh, will receive a Simorgh Yellow Feather will serve as a discount, equivalent to 2% of the amount of their next trip (flight, train or bus) ) contracted with us, or  the trip of a family member or friend (in these cases after consultation and authorization of Viajes Simorgh), under the same conditions.

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